I am sociable and am a people’s person – but I feel very much a social anomaly and a free radical

With this title, could you say I am confused?  In terms of the up-to-date, the technocracy, the having a Ford Focus Cdi, a loving wife, the 2.4 children, the dreaded mortgage and so on, those have passed me by.  At the age of 59, I do not see myself indulging in the norms.  The more I look around me, I see humanity slavishly serving the purposes of 1) perpetuating the species (God !  I am going to get a whole lotta flak for that one), and 2) fashionable updates on consumerism and its delights/terrors.  For me (not selfishly, for I like to serve the cause of “lifting the slave and bringing down the despot” as Walt Whitman said), it has been enough to conquer the “numbing consequences” accompanying Type 1, rapid-cycling, events-related, bipolar affective disorder – to ‘rise above’ the pathetic idea of therapy (actually, I do not get this MINDFULNESS THING.  If you have a mind, it must be full of something, but maybe the ‘something’ is the whole damn point!)

From “About Buddhism”

“Meditation is at the heart of the Buddhist way of life. It is basically a method for understanding and working on our own mind. We first learn to identify our different negative mental states known as ‘delusions’, and learn how to develop peaceful and positive mental states or ‘virtuous minds’.

Then in meditation we overcome our delusions by becoming familiar with virtuous minds. Out of meditation we try to maintain the virtuous minds we have developed and use our wisdom to solve the problems of daily life. As our mind becomes more positive our actions become more constructive, and our experience of life becomes more satisfying and beneficial to others.”



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