Invitation to No Schmaltz

I posted on the blog site – “”, for so many years that it was to my detriment.  Rather than feeling bitter about how elated comments were shot down from people ranging from the inkly interested to the stubbornly up their own ass – a Posh Sounding English Wanker With A Moustache Who Goes On Micro-Telly – comes to mind “Oh! Get out of my mind, and wipe your Ass Valley with your Grass Valley!”

All that brushed aside, a new blog to celebrate the release of a spirit into the realms of service.  By the way, I would hope the ‘snide’ above to be the last ‘turning the knife in the wound’ that we shall need or hear on this blog.

I invite the learned, the insane, the poor and the well-healed all to blog.




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